Trips you should take in your 50s

Your 50’s are supposed to be some of the greatest years of your life. By this time, the children are all grown up and out of the house, your finances should be just where they should be, and you have all this time on your hands. So why not travel? Of course, you cannot take the same trips you made when you were 20. You may not feel as adventurous as three decades ago. But if you are up for it, why not? Until then, we have a few suggestions, and we think that you will enjoy them. Here are a few trips you should take now that you are in your 50’s.

Portland, Oregon

The US has many places you can visit, but if you are looking for magnificent scenery, good food, and fantastic coffee, Portland is the destination you are seeking. You will love the floating houses and the small coffee places where all you can hear is the sound of nature. You can take long walks, and if you feel up to it, you can take a hike on Mount Hood, which is located about 50 miles from Portland. There are enough trails for every category of training, and surely you can find one you can take on.

Istanbul, Turkey

The city of Istanbul, the former capital of Turkey, has become somewhat of a cliché when it comes to travel destinations for people enjoying their second youth. However, there is a reason for that while the city is not full of excitement is the usual sense of the word, it has so much to offer. You can take a tour of the mosques, dressed appropriately of course, and admire everything the city has to show. The bazaars are something you do not want to miss, and you cannot go there without trying out the Turkish cuisine. You will love it.

Marrakech, Morocco

The city of Marrakech is one of the most vibrant places where you can be. Just like Istanbul, it has incredible bazaars and whatnot, but while there, you cannot miss the mesmerizing gardens, the markets, and of course, snake charmers. The sun in Marrakech shines almost every day of the year, and it would be a pity not to take advantage.

Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii has become another cliché, unfortunately, but it would be a shame not to go there just because of that. Kona is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the beach, which is not as crowded as you may think. If you are in luck, you can watch a volcano explode, and who wouldn’t want to see that event at least once in a lifetime. Rest assured that you are perfectly safe from a distance.

Finger Lakes, New York

We may be talking about a 5-hour drive from New York, but the Finger Lakes is worth the road trip. The place is quiet, and the scenery is to die for. You cannot go there and not dip your toes in the water. Taking a hike is an excellent option, and you should fully take advantage of it. The trails are memorable, and you will get a lot of relaxation out of it.

Provence, France

We cannot conclude the list without a destination is France. Southern France is a magnificent destination, and you should visit it at least once in your life. Now that you are in your 50’s, chances are that you can rent a villa and explore the region. The best time to go is in the summer when the weather is warm, and you can see the sights. All that green should help you enjoy some peace and quiet, and you will go home a lot more relaxed than you left.
The list can probably continue, but this is all we got for you at the moment. Some of those destinations require a visa. You should look into that before you start planning, but you should not have a hard time solving this problem. Other than that, make sure to have fun and enjoy your vacation. The rest is just background noise that can easily be ignored.
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